Heritage Turkey $10.25/lb

Heritage Turkey $10.25/lb

BN Ranch turkeys are beautiful, old breeds rich in flavor. Ten years ago, heritage breed turkeys were lean and dry. BN Ranch has perfected raising their heritage turkeys to be plump, moist, flavorful birds. Their humane and environmentally responsible farming practices, including unrestricted outdoor access, produce the highest quality meat with a depth of flavor that can only come from happy, athletic, healthy birds. 

If you'd like your turkey custom cut, please leave a note for us on the checkout page. Please note that parts are different prices than a whole turkey; Breasts are $15.00/lb, Legs and Thighs are $13.25/lb and Wings are $7.00/lb. 

We collect a $50 deposit now and you'll pay the remaining balance upon pickup.

Pick up your holiday order on Thursday 12/22 from 10AM to 7PM, Friday 12/23 10AM to 6PM or Saturday 12/24 from 10AM - 3PM. We will be closed Wednesday 12/21 to pack orders. Call the shop at 510-845-6328 if you have any questions.